ADD/ADHD Treatment for Adults

Breaking free from a lifetime of frustration

Our treatment programs for adults with ADD and ADHD are designed to help people flourish where they could not before, both professionally and personally, and live a better quality of life.

The methods for treating adult ADD/ADHD share some similarities to the treatment for children, including traditional therapy and neurofeedback. However, as the impact of ADD/ADHD in adults is often more profound and far-reaching, our adult treatment approach includes a focus on helping with job performance, relationships, spousal interaction, and improvement in overall personal achievement. We use a combined therapy approach based on the individual, where we blend both leading edge technology for re-training the way your brain functions, and traditional therapy to help you break through the bad habits derived from years of living with ADD/ADHD.

Our treatment programs are available and effective for adults of all ages, regardless of when treatment is sought, even well into our later years.

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What Our Patients Say

You gave my daughter Linda hope and the ability to move forward in her life and studies. The difference from last year is like night and day. There has been a dramatic improvement in her life – and in ours as a family!

— Wendy, mother of a 15 year-old with ADD

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